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When you close a year and start a new one usually gets a list of good intentions. If the first place stands the idea of ​​”travel and do many holidays” 2016 will be a year for you SUPER. In fact, 2016 has been called “the year of Bridges”!

It means that many of the celebrations of the 2016 fall at the beginning or end of the week and if in some cases will be joined by one or two days off will be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of long weekends to devote to travel and leisure catamaran (and then weeks working very short).

Because when it comes to travel is always better to move in advance, Asinara Catamaran shows you the bridges of 2016 from today:

March 28 – Easter this year falls on March 27, then 28 is Easter Monday and is a public holiday. A classic bridge to Easter, taking advantage of the early spring warmth, perfect for outings and weekend in cities.

April 25 – The Liberation Day in 2016 will be a Monday here served another bridge spring to be exploited to the fullest. I remind you that the end of April is already perfect for the first boat trips …

June 2 – The Republic Day is a nice Thursday: simply ask on Friday and leave on the day of the Italian flag becomes the perfect bridge to usher in the summer.

Aug. 15 – The much-loved mid-August in 2016 will fall on Monday. If you are not among the many Italians who are on vacation this time of year you’ll be happy to know that you can feel still on vacation for three days, from Saturday to Monday, thanks to this beautiful bridge mid-August.

November 1 – All Saints’ Day is a Tuesday in 2016. Even here asking only one day off (Monday) we have less than 4 consecutive days of holiday: about trick or treat, thanks to this bridge November is definitely sweeter than ever!

December 8 – The Immaculate Conception in 2016 will be on a Thursday: getting here on Friday to leave it creates a bridge along pretty good four days.

December 26th – St. Stephen in 2016 will be a Monday after the Christmas binge bridge is what it takes to recover from indigestion of food!

In short, doing some calculations it seems that being able to get 5 days off in the days right you can take advantage of all the bridges 9 of 2016, for a total of 14 days off from family, relaxation, and definitely a good holiday catamaran!

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