Vacanze relax in Catamarano Sardegna e Corsica

Regulation Excursions

Regulation frames the booking method, repayments and conditions of the services:

MAXIMUM number of guests 12 (twelve)

Day tour to Asinara

Half-day excursion to the National Park of Asinara

Exclusive daily

Booking is “mandatory” for all services, this is because our work is subject to many variables, including: the weather, in fact, the above services will be implemented exclusively in case of favorable weather conditions, the decision will be taken by the master himself, who will have to decide whether to perform the service, if you cancel, or change the way predetermined, everything to ensure the safety of the persons on board. For years we operate in this area, we try to meet all the needs of our customers and put them at ease, so that they can spend their days on board Miguel Catamaran in a relaxed and satisfying, we work with the idea of ​​putting the first place the ospsite board.

1) Reservations must be made through direct contact with the staff of Miguel Catamaran or by reference agencies or via the Reservation Center of Unique (CPU) of the Asinara; in any case, the reservation is considered valid only when the confirmation un’acconto will be paid equal to 50% of the total budget (can be paid with the manner specified by the staff of Miguel Catamaran), which will be returned if the service is canceled for conditions bad weather or other problems caused by the operator (Asinara Catamaran)

2) The customer must know that regulation, with all its conditions (or contact the staff always available) annexed to avoid any dispute.

3) Cases in which repayment and percentages:

– In case of bad weather: 100% (within 2 days)

– In case of failure: 100% (within 2 days) – in case of a cancellation by the customer (at least 48h before): 80% (within 2 days)

– In the event of a cancellation by the customer (after 48h): 20% (within 2 days)

– In the case of non-presence of the customer at the time of booking there will be no refund from the staff,

all cases of reimbursement shall be considered valid if the customer can not postpone booking the first available date.

4) Customers are directly responsible to other property, so it is not possible to charge anyone dell’equpaggio staff or the value of any lost items.

Customers are directly responsible for any conduct or damage by other children who are in the same group booking; and in no case it has the equiapaggio responsibility or control obligations towards minors.

5) The boat is accessible to people with disabilities are not serious, they will still have their companion because the crew is not qualified for such assistance.

6) The commander has the ability to vary the path whenever it deems it necessary, this to ensure safety and security to all passengers on board. Commander, if it deems a valid condition for the safety board, can anticipate the return from without that customers can request a refund.

7) The Staff and the crew of Asinara Catamaran not be held responsible for any failure by other operators on the island of Asinara.

8) The Staff and the crew of Asinara Catamaran is not liable to the customer for any misunderstandings or inefficiencies proposed by the agencies who work with Asinara Catamaran.

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