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Regulation Catamaran

Regulation Catamaran (about rent from 3 days on)

MAXIMUM number of guests: 8 (eight)

The price includes: Navigation Plan, Official Authorization Asinara, Crew (captain and sailor), boat accessories, Sept. bed (sheets + blankets + pillows), final cleaning, dinghy + engine and Insurance Law

In price not included: food, fuel, travel to the point of embarkation, port taxes / customs, thus remaining charged to guests with everything that is not mentioned in “included”. (These expenses are estimated, on average, approximately € 150.00 per person per week and regularized on board with a common fund)

1) The reservation boarding will be confirmed on receipt of the advance (50% of the amount) which still must be received within 5 days of telephone confirmation. In case of non-payment of the balance within the time specified, the contract will be considered terminated and the company Asinara Catamaran retain spillage.

2) In the event of CANCELLATION of the CHARTERER, who must give written notice immediately, the amount paid at the time of renunciation (deposit and / or balance) will be refunded ONLY if the seats will be promptly relocated. It will still keep the percentage of 20% on the total amount as agency commission and cost management practice.

3) In the event of CANCELLATION by the RENTER, due to reasons of force majeure or other personal, unpredictable, can not be delayed (eg. Health problems), the RENTER will communicate immediately to the CHARTERER and where possible will propose an alternative to customers that not to vary the means of transport used to reach the ferry (and start landing); or the charterer, can choose to be refunded the amount paid without requiring any fee the renter.

4) The start of the cruise is scheduled for the morning following the day of embarkation. Return to the port of landing is scheduled in the afternoon prior to the day of the landing.

5) The cruise program can vary daily at the discretion of the skipper according to weather conditions or other needs of navigation or mooring. ASINARA CATAMARAN will in no way responsible for program changes, pauses, lost time and / or disruptions resulting from actions or decisions made by the skipper to ensure safety of navigation, particularly in bad weather.

6) If due to factors beyond the control of the skipper (eg unfavorable weather conditions) the ports of embarkation and disembarkation required should be unreachable or impractical, the skipper can decide the most appropriate alternatives and will communicate to time the guests boarded. No damages or compensation may be asked for any such unforeseen and consequent hardships.

7) ASINARA CATAMARAN undertakes to make available for guests in the boat perfectly clean and efficient, in compliance with applicable regulations and with all the safety equipment required for the type of navigation that will be done.

8) In case of failure or damage that may require unforeseen stop for repair, the RENTER agrees to make that period as short as possible. If the period does not exceed 48 consecutive hours, the customer can not claim any reimbursement. Otherwise, the RENTER will reimburse every day not enjoyed over these 48 hours continuous, or, where possible, will grant an extension to the expiry of the contract equal to the period of non-use (more than 48 hours of running); however if weather conditions deemed unsafe by the skipper, resulting in forced stay in safe havens, it will all be borne by the charterer that will not require any reimbursement.

9) ASINARA CATAMARAN claims to have signed the insurance law.

10) The Guest embarks with full awareness of the risks and hazards associated with a cruise on a sailing boat / catamaran. In case of an accident not due to the fault or responsibility of the skipper, the same can not retaliate or request compensation nor the skipper nor the same company or brokers. And ‘it recommended a personal accident policy.

11) The guest is committed to inform before boarding, being strictly personal, the skipper of any health problems, allergies to medications or food or other specific personal needs.

12) If it is not able to swim or had other personal duties, the guest undertakes to inform the skipper and to accept every precaution that the same will decide to implement to protect its security and safety.

13) The Guest declares to have been informed and be well aware of the characteristics of the cruise, the kind of the boat and the conditions and living spaces and the number of people that can be loaded on the same cruise.

14) It ‘faculty of the skipper, to protect cruise passengers and for safe travel, land (no refunds) who takes improper conduct not in keeping with the orderly conduct of the cruise or to a peaceful and disciplined living together, cause damage or harassment other guests or, in any way, it jeopardizes the security and tranquility.

15) The luggage carried on board must be limited and essential content in BAGS SPACE-SAVING, SOFT, FULLY FOLDING such as to allow stowage.

16) Each participant is exclusive guardian of its objects and personal and he is personally liable in case of theft, loss or damage. It ‘also responsible for damage caused to the boat by willful misconduct, negligence or breach of the provisions and instructions given by the skipper.

17) Anything not covered by this writing it refers to the Italian laws applicable.

18) For any and all disputes arising under this contract shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Sassari.

19) Privacy: the data supplied in the course of this contract will be stored and processed by ASINARA CATAMARAN (as data controller) for the purposes of contractual and accounting, in full compliance with the Code for the protection of personal data in D. lgs. n. 193/2003.

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